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The Day I Flew With Superman

The Day I flew with Superman

I want to tell you about the day I flew with Superman.

You might not believe me but I did fly with Superman and it was an amazing experience. We fought bad guys together, bringing them to justice, saving lives on a daily basis was our job and on countless occasions, we saved lives and the world at Large. I was known as The Freshpuncher because all I needed was a clean clear punch and my enemy was on the floor. I was also part of the key members of the Justice league. I know you probably have never heard of me but you really don’t know everything happening outside the real world, do you?

Myself and Superman actually shared similar attributes; we were strong, fast and we could fly. It was always a debate who would defeat who if we faced off. Fortunately, we were best friends, so they never got the opportunity to get their answer.

Everyday, we did the impossible, overcame even when there was no way; we somehow always found a way. Nothing was strong enough or even powerful enough to defeat us especially when fighting together. No doubt we took some beatings; we all have our weak spots (don’t expect me to tell you mine). But even in the face of defeat, when all hope seems lost, with the last muscle of strength, we always found a way to turn the tide.

All these and many more happen each time I close my eyes to sleep. (Smiles). Trying to know what you are thinking right now is kinda difficult (lol). But one fact remains, I did fly with Superman not just in reality. It has always been my fantasy. A fantasy I treasured much, more than my real life. In my fantasy world, I could be anything or anyone, I could do anything even the impossible, I could date any girl (lol). Anything I could not do in reality, I did them in my fantasy. It became my world where I found solace, where I could think better of myself and everyone else in my fantasy adored me.

However, no matter how long I spend in fantasy, it never quite replicated in reality and I always had to wake up to reality. My real life was on hold because I was trying to hold on to a fantasy I knew would not last. On a regular basis, I was missing out on what the Real Me was about. I never had the time to really meet Me because I was always creating another version of me everyday.

Well, it made me feel good but that feeling never lasts and can never beat the feeling of actually doing something amazing in reality.

A lot of us have locked ourselves up while living in fantasy land. We don’t even want to see ourselves. Soon you will have to come to terms with reality and your biggest regret will be never meeting The Real You.

So why don’t you stop wasting so much time in a world that doesn’t exist and get to meet you; The Real You. You will be amazed at how much you will find out about you. However you need to wake up, unlock that cage you have put yourself in, get two seats; one for You and the other for You. Now ask You; can I meet you?

Stop being Superman in your dreams when you can do super things as a man in reality.

No one can show you the Real You better than Jesus, you can get to meet Him today by accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. He will show you so much about You you never knew.

You Are Never Alone.


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