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Food For Two

Food For Two

Food For Two

I will like to start today’s post this way; My mum is a great cook. She can cook for Africa (#winks). She really does not add too much; but she is a proof that little is more. However, as much as I love my mum’s cooking, there are some meals I would rather she does not make for me. I always prefer to make them myself. On top of that list is fried egg. Now, my mum loves tomatoes and onions and boy does she love ‘em. When she fries her eggs, more often than not, the tomatoes and onions are much more than the egg itself and I struggle to enjoy my meal. I love my egg with lots of spices and maybe some onions but not tomatoes.

Now here is my point; whenever my mum fries her eggs, she fries it based on what she and my dad like (they are one anyway), even if I would also be eating from it. In like manner, anytime I make mine, I make it the way I like it, even if someone else like my dad or mum would be eating from it. I am pretty sure we can relate with these scenario.

Recently however, it got me thinking. Isn’t it possible to cook having the interest of someone else in mind? Why do we have to make meals to our satisfaction and conclude that every other person should be okay with it just because we are okay with it. It is pretty funny how parties go especially the food part and you cannot help but wonder if someone actually tasted the food.

Well, I think someone most likely did and it tasted delicious to that person, hence everyone should also be satisfied with it. Well, that is not an example of Selflessness. We have learned that selflessness is putting someone else first at the expense of ourselves. Cooking is not the only area we often practice this type of selfishness – as long as it tastes good to me, it is good enough for every other person – we practice it in our day to day life. Funny enough, it is probably the most subtle form of selfishness.

This is because, you really think you are doing everybody some good without realizing that you are simply giving them your own version of what good is and expecting them to accept it.

Let’s say you are to arrange your living room, how would your arrange it? Or how do you like to use your toothpaste? Or where do you like to place things in a cabinet? Notice that your answers to these questions are actually based on your preferences. There are times we really need to let go of our preferences in order to reach out to someone’s needs. There are times we really need to sacrifice what we really love just to make someone feel loved.

We need to understand that it should not always be about what we want but what that person wants. Some of us really want to help people but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to help someone from your point of view; trying to understand someone from your own perspective. This, as simple as it is has caused serious misunderstandings. If you really want to help, try to let go of your own personal opinions and hear him or her out. Never force your definition of good or help on someone else, get to know his or her own definition and you could be saving a life.

If you haven’t met Christ yet, this is an opportunity to do so. He knows your needs and He will like to help meet those needs if you would accept Him as your Lord and Savior.

You Are Never Alone.


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