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The Foundation

The Foundation

“And no one can ever lay any other real foundation than that one we already have-Jesus Christ. But there are various kinds of materials that can be used to build on that foundation. Some use gold and silver and jewels, and some build with sticks and hay or even straw! There is going to come a time of testing at Christ’s judgement day to see what kind of material each builder has used. Everyone’s work will be put through the fire so that all can see whether or not it keeps its value, and what was really accomplished (1corinthians3:11-13 TLB)”

The strength of any edifice is in its foundation. Once the foundation is faulty, the whole building regardless of how strong it is or what was used to build it, is in trouble. At this point, the beauty and other precious materials that makes such a building stand out does not matter anymore because, it is about to collapse.

As young adults, the only true and solid foundation we have is JESUS CHRIST and this is only when we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and saviour. If you haven’t done so, you can do it now. Go down on your knees, confess your sins to Him and tell Him how much you really need Him in your life and then He’ll become the solid foundation on which you’ll build on.

What we build on our solid foundation (JESUS) as young adults will speak for us when we become old and have no strength to build. Some build up a lifestyle of mediocrity, pride, lust, carelessness, prayerlessness and all forms of ungodliness (Which are described as sticks, hays and straws in the above passage) on their solid foundation. And when the storms or fire of life blows, they collapse and burn. These are people that fade away when the test of time comes.

While some build up a lifestyle of integrity, humility, creativity, godliness and holiness (which are described as gold, silver and jewels in the above passage) on their solid foundation. And when the storms or fire of life blows they stand. These are the people that stand the test of time.

This year is just so special because God is giving new opportunities and fresh starts to people especially the younger generations. No building no matter how far it has gone or how high it is is beyond collapse. As long as the foundation is not good enough, it will eventually collapse.

Do not wait till you have achieved almost everything and then in a twinkle of an eye, lose it all before you realize how much you need Jesus in your life. Let us endeavor to make maximum use of this opportunity God is giving us by building a positive lifestyle of godliness and holiness on our solid foundation (JESUS CHRIST) and the sky would be our starting point.

You Are Never Alone!


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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