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The Eagle: An Icon Of Focus And Strength

The Eagle: An Icon of Focus And Strength

The Eagle happens to be one of the most popular or talked about creatures which very few see in their lifetime. You will find a lot of people who know to a large extent the nature and life of this great bird but it is very likely they have never seen it in real life and may never even see it.

The first time I heard about this creature, I was astonished at the level of discipline, sacrifice, speed, strength, focus and most importantly attitude in the face of a storm.

I will like to share some of my own personal lessons from this amazing creature. You may have come across some of these before but it does not hurt to remind yourself and learn new things.


Assuming you went to the market with the intention of buying a specific brand of shoes and on getting to the market, you find out that what you are looking for is really hard to get in the market. However, while searching for what you want, you stumble on a pair of shoes which look exactly like what you are looking for and would even cost less just that it is not the brand you had in mind; what would you do?

Well, the default human instinct tells you to go for the alternative which is also what you are very likely to do.

What would the Eagle do? From a great height, the Eagle spots the prey it would like to crunch on for its meal and with its eye fixed on that particular prey, it descends with great speed, ignoring others which would have been easier alternatives just to get that one that it had marked from the beginning. So simply put, it would not go for alternatives.

“If your eyes be single, your body will be full of light”. I would like to put it this way; if your eyes are fixed on something, your body will be full of life to get what you want. Imagine your entire body system turned on with each part devising ways you can get what you see and want. Your brain starts working, your hands, legs, every part of your body seems to move in one direction just because your eyes are focused on something; and trust me nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment that comes with accomplishing what you had in mind from the beginning. Even your senses get excited to show that they appreciate that achievement (those goose bumps are their way of showing it (winks)). The easiest way out is not always the best way out. Most of the times actually, it is not. A lot of us have settled for less just because what we really want seems really hard to get. You do not have to settle for less because of the difficulty in getting what you really want because in going after what you desire, you might eventually get much more than you bargained for. Why settle for less when more is actually available?

What you are looking for is somewhere out there, you just have to be ready and willing to pay the price to get what you want. You must be willing to sacrifice the less that parades itself in front of you, presenting itself as a better alternative while your best remains out there. You need to forget about the REST and go for the BEST; it is out there waiting for you.

To be continued…

You Are Never Alone.


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