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The Eagle: An Icon Of Focus And Strength

The Eagle: An Icon of Focus and Strength


The Eagle is a very powerful creature with very strong wings, legs and claws, capable of carrying hefty animals as well as reaching the height that many other birds would only dream of reaching.

However, I would like to ask you this; is physical power the only definition of strength? The answer is no. Strength is not only physical but mental as well. So a man with physical strength without mental strength is simply not strong enough.

A lot of people believe strength is only exerted in exercising dominion over something or someone. However, many do not consider that it takes more strength to take pain that to inflict pain, it takes much more strength to sacrifice and let go, to forgive, to admit your limits and faults, to apologize. We take much more importance and appreciate exertion of physical strength, outward show of power but pay little or no attention to the inner strength.

After about 40 years, the eagle starts losing its speed and starts declining and realises that it is going to die if nothing is done immediately. It then goes on a trip to a very high mountain where it goes through a painful process of shedding its old self in order to regain strength and be renewed. It knocks its beak against the mountain till it plucks out and waits for the beak to grow back and then picks out its now old feathers. It emerges from this mountain after about 5 months reborn and ready to take on the world again. Everyone sees the outside strength but no one knows the inner strength it had to exercise by having to bear intense pain… That is strength. A lot of us find it hard to go through pain, we run away from things that would cost us something without thinking of how much it will help us be better and stronger. From great pain emerges great glory, without pain there would hardly be gain.

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Still talking about strength, when faced with a great storm or challenge, what do you do? Do you run away or face it? Do you see an obstacle impossible to surmount or you see an opportunity waiting to be taken? The Eagle sees a storm and instead of running away or flying away like other birds in the face of the storm, it faces the storm a glides on the wings of the storm.

I want you to see something amazing here; the Eagle does not try to show its strength by battling with the storm, trying to fly in the storm, it simply spreads its wings acknowledging its limits and soars on the strength of the storm.

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Note, the bird does not accept defeat, it would have flown away like other birds if it did but it faces the storm with courage, does not struggle in the midst of the storm but positions itself to be carried to greater heights by the storm. Your outer strength has limits but your inner strength has no limits (Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world). It takes your inner strength to know your limits and still face challenges knowing your limits. The strength of the Eagle at this point does not matter, it will most likely die if it tries to show its strength but rather it submits to a greater power to lift it above the storm and what was supposed to be its destruction becomes its lift to the next level.

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It has been amazing learning about the Eagle I must confess. I actually learned more writing about this than I learned from other people and I am sure this has been a blessing to you as much as it has been to me.

On a final note, without Jesus, you can do nothing no matter how hard you try. It is through Him we live, move and have our being. He is the one that can help you focus when you are faced with so many distractions that make you even more confused. He is the one who sends the Holy Spirit to strengthen your inner man to overcome pain, He is the one who lifts you above storms and makes you experience a Rebirth. Give your life to Jesus today and you will be Reborn.

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