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DeAltar At 1.

DeAltar At 1.

Today happens to be a very special day for us here at DeAltar. Today makes it one year since this cause was launched. It has been an eventful year full of ups and downs, discouragements and testimonies that encourage us to move on.
On this special day, we will like to restate what this cause is all about.
I must confess, it was very hard placing where DeAltar falls under. Whether it was an organization, a ministry or just a personal blog, I was not really sure of how to place it. One thing I was sure of though was that it was never going to be about one person. So it became a cause to create a community for a cause. A more fitting description of what DeAltar is all about. It is about creating a community for the purpose of creating a positive impact in the global sphere.

The Name DeAltar:
It actually started as The Altar but it so happened that the name was not available online at the time, DeAltar was available and stuck and it never deviated from its true meaning.
The name was inspired by the story of a Prophet called Elijah who had a confrontation with about 450 other prophets. The difference between them was who they served. Prior to this confrontation, the nation of Israel was in serious famine. They had not experienced rain for a long period of time and you can imagine the state of a nation that is sustained largely by agriculture without rain for a very long period of time. On this particular day, both sides had a face off to decide the direction of the nation. It was a defining moment for such a great nation. They were willing and ready to follow the winner of the face-off. What struck me was the first task Elijah did when it was his turn; He repaired the old Altar which was destroyed. I started to meditate on the significance of this action, the significance of The Altar he had to rebuild. I found out that this Altar was the link between the nation and God (The Supreme King of the nation and entire world). Once destroyed, the connection with their Supreme King was severed and things went south for them but once rebuilt, the connection was restored and things came back to shape for them. There was rain. This made me realize that a lot of the problems we face in our lives, society and the world at large are results of broken and destroyed connections with our Supreme King and Father. If things are going to get right again, we need to reconnect with God, rebuild The Altar of God.

Our Mission:
Inspired by some of the words of Prophet Isaiah and repeated by the greatest man that ever lived, Jesus, Our Mission includes;
• Restoring Hope: Due to disappointing experiences, a lot of people have decided to settle for the status quo, many have given up on dreaming big, many have thrown their ideas to the wind because they believe nothing good can come out of them or their big dreams. This is depriving the world of the next best invention, the next best thing to ever happen to the world and the best that such people have to offer.
• Rebuilding Lives: Out of the heart flows the issues of life; Matters of the heart are matters of life; Build the heart of a man, you have gone a long way in building his life; Whatever a man will be on the outside starts from the inside. A lot of miserable lives out there are results of depleted and broken hearts, severed self-esteem. In order to piece the fragments of our world, we need to first of all piece the fragments of people’s lives.
• Revealing Stars: Stars and born and are made. Gifts and talents lay deep, hidden from the veiled eyes of people are just to be busy to either notice or take their time to search for these hidden treasures that could be the next big thing the world has ever seen.

Our Focus:
The Youths and Teenagers are our focus. We believe that these set of people are the building blocks of generations ahead of us and if they can get it right now, generations yet to come will also get it right.
Our Activities:
DeAltar started as a blog but is much bigger than that.
Our aim is to go into the various academic institutions to raise leaders that will be fit and ready to lead whenever called upon.
We also offer mentorship to young people who want to grow and be the best they can be but need help. In the future, we believe that as this community grows, we have great minds from various spheres of life willing to mentor young people in their chosen fields of specialization.
On a final note, this is a Faith based cause where God is the Author and Purpose is the Theme.
In a bid to improve and work on our flaws, we will like you to take a minute to fill our feedback form. Let us know what has impressed you so far and what you would like us to improve on. Please click here.

You Are Never Alone


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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