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The Cross

The Cross

When you look at the Cross, what do you see?

Here is what I see;

I see a man who left all that was precious to him to save one who he deemed much more important and precious.

I see a man who sold all he had to purchase a gift for an undeserving me.

I see a man who gave up his highly esteemed place just to take up a lowly place just to get to us to a high and lofty place.

I see a sacrifice too costly and I ask; “was it worth it?”

In simple terms, I see a man who would gladly go through pain just to get us out of pain.

I see a man who does not see like every other man sees.

I see a man who sees good in evil and will pay any price to get that good.

I see a man who sees the best in me when everyone else around sees the worst in me.

I see a man who sees a need where everyone else sees faults

I see a man pierced on all sides but still tells us it’s going to be fine.

I see a man taking my place in serving every punishment I deserve, beaten with whips laced with spikes yet looks to me and says; you are free now, you can go.

I see a man with a heart too big the mind cannot comprehend, yet so small it can fit into the tiniest babes.

I see a man running towards me when everyone else seems to be running away from me.

I see a man I intentionally hurt but the first person to attend to my wounds.

I see a man I run away from like I would from a fiery monster but would still with a smile on his face welcome me back when I get lost from running.

I see a man quick to act when something bad happens to me but is the slowest to act when I do something bad.

I see Love in practical terms

I see an immense burden one man had to bear just because of me.

I see a man paying a price I could never pay with a lifetime savings.

I see a man go in to hell while I get out.

I see a man willing to take a walk on a path full of thorns, thistles, pebbles and broken bones while I am put on a ride through a road made of gold.

I see a way… I see THE WAY.

So tell me; when you look at the cross, what do you see?


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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