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There Is HOPE!!!

There is HOPE!!!

A man once had a tall beautiful tree which was the talk of the town. Virtually everyone was full of envy for this man because of his beautiful tree. He took really good care of this tree because it was his pride. However, one morning, he woke up to discover that his tree was no more, his pride was gone. It was cut down over the night. He felt bitter and full of grief. This tree was so precious to him. People gathered, some pitied, some laughed, others mocked. After a while, he encouraged himself, ignored the people around, went inside, fetched a bucket of water and graciously poured the water on the remnant of the tree. As he did this, people wondered; “what is he doing?” He did this on a daily basis, with people also passing by to watch what will happen. A few days passed, some weeks barely gone, tender leaves began to sprout. This caused excitement in his bones, the so called dead tree was not dead after all. The people were astonished. A young boy summoned up some courage and ask him; “Sir, how did this happen?” The man’s reply was just as astonishing; they forgot to cut off the root. As long as the tree remains rooted to its source, it will still spring forth provided it is watered. This beautiful tree grew up to be just as beautiful and even much more beautiful.

Many of us have been cut down, cut off and broken by various circumstances, situations, people, friends, and so on. Here is God’s truth to us; as long as you are rooted in Him, there is hope that you will spring forth and be fruitful again. As long as your life is in Christ, your future is secured. He loves you. He is interested in what you are going through. All He wants from you is to trust Him and He’ll never disappoint you. As long as you are in Him, there is Hope for you…


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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  1. Nice write up
    But how can hope be shared to individuals that are seriously broken and not capable of doing anything

    1. Remind them of God’s word. Remind them that nothing is too broken for God to fix and in the end, it will speak.

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