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The life-light blazed out of darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.

The whole earth is wrapped in darkness, all earth sunk in deep darkness.

Nations will come to your light, kings to your sunburst brightness.

Here is another way to put it: You are here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. Do you put a light-bearer under a bucket? You have been put on a light-stand and you are right there on the hilltop–Shine!

There are few sights as beautiful as rising to see the early sunrise, as the darkness disappears in its wake.

Very few things can beat the wonder of seeing the moon and stars shine through the darkest nights; for some people, the best place to be is under the moon light.

In the biggest cities of the world, the night traffic is a beauty to behold, with the headlamps of various cars; big and small, cheap and expensive, blazing through the night and leaving a very beautiful scenery.

Here is what I am driving at; “darkness is the perfect place for light to shine”. Funny isn’t it? This is actually the truth. There is no better place for light to shine other than in darkness.

When you are surrounded by the non-stop negativity of the society and the people in it, or the terrible menace of ignorance that has engulfed mankind, think of yourself as one of the stars in the night. The little lights that shine through the darkness; you will be amazed at how bright you can shine.

When faced with challenges, think of opportunities; when faced with confusion, think of clarity; when faced with obstacles, think of stepping stones. Remember that a man becomes what he thinks.

Pay less attention to the seeming reality and look towards the truth. By doing so, you are unlocking a reality you could only dream about prior to this point. The truth and reality are distinct entities.

The Creator has called you to be a light in this dark world filled with dark souls. He has embedded in us light and we are to shine and show forth this light. We are flooded with knowledge and ideas each day, with a rain of potentials and we are lit with abilities. There is no better place to have a perfect blast than in darkness. Not a mere spark, not unstable, but a full blast of blazing light and a manifestation of who we truly are inside. This is who we are; LIGHT IN DARKNESS.


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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