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The Icebreaker is an interview aimed at helping youths and teens understand what is out there for them as well as breaking down the roles of each individual in every unit of the society, eventually teaching them how to face and break through challenges associated with the society. “No matter how hard, it can be broken”.

In this edition, we will be sharing thoughts with Miss Adekoya Adedayo on; “Ladies, Guys and the Society”.

Miss Adekoya Adedayo is a graduate of Lagos State University. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. As a manager, she has been trained to perform highly in different fields such as; Strategic Management, Operation Research, Marketing and Finance. She is passionate about doing business and currently runs a clothing line. She is a versatile individual who lives with passion and dedication.

ICEBREAKER: Tell us, from a female’s perspective; what does a lady expect from a guy who is her friend, and what does she expect from a guy who is her boyfriend?

ADEDAYO: Well, I think whether as a friend or as a boyfriend, ladies expect the same thing from every guy around her. We want to feel secure, we want to be cared for and feel loved. We want a guy that will make us smile whenever he is around. You know ladies are very emotional, so we want somebody that we can cry on his shoulders.

ICEBREAKER: How does she deal with him when he is in a bad mood or he is not in the mood to make her smile?

ADEDAYO: The truth is when he is in a bad mood, she is concerned and she wants to share the pain with him, and that is why she asks to know what is wrong but some of the guys do not open up.

ICEBREAKER: What is he does not want to talk about it?

ADEDAYO: It makes her feel rejected, but for somebody like me who has learned that guys usually do not want to talk when they are not in a good mood, I can understand and let him be for the time being.

ICEBREAKER: In terms of responsibility, do ladies expect anything in this regard?

ADEDAYO: Of course. Ladies expect guys to provide for their needs and that of the kids if they are married.

ICEBREAKER: Not talking about marriage yet. Still on friendship and relationship/courtship.

ADEDAYO: For a relationship, to an extent she expects him to provide her needs; then for friendship, she might not expect too much. Depending on the lady anyway.

ICEBREAKER: Permit me to ask, what does those needs include?

ADEDAYO: Take her shopping, give her pocket money, buy her gifts and all that, pay her school fees, buy her a car and a house (laughs), buy her Brazilian hair (laughs).

ICEBREAKER: (laughs) Ok. What is your role as a lady in the society?

ADEDAYO: Every lady’s role in the society is similar; upholding good morals in the society, raising Godly and Great kids.

ICEBREAKER: What are the challenges faced with raising Godly and Great kids?

ADEDAYO: The society itself is a challenge. We know the society is full of different people and different activities that could influence the child negatively and make them forget what they were taught at home.

ICEBREAKER: So how does she overcome this challenge?

ADEDAYO: She keeps praying for them, feeding them with God’s word, talking to them and not hesitating to correct them when they go wrong. To an extent, monitor their movements and the kind of people they keep as friends.

ICEBREAKER: In your journey as a lady, what has been your greatest challenge?

ADEDAYO: Been at par with the male folks.


ADEDAYO: You know in this part of the world, it is believed that only men can achieve or should achieve some things, and some people do not even see any good thing coming out of a woman, so trying to prove them wrong by raising heads up high has been a challenge; because the truth is, that is enough to discourage us.

ICEBREAKER: What is your message to young Nigerians and even Africans; regardless of gender?

ADEDAYO: I think the time is up when young Nigerians expect so much from the government, society, and people around. We need to start thinking for ourselves, our society and our country at large because it will make the world a better place. We need to start THINKING; We need to be INNOVATIVE.

ICEBREAKER: Well said Miss Adekoya Adedayo. Thank you so much for your time. Learned a lot and I am sure others have learned as well.

Until next time; YANA!!! It means you are not alone…………….


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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