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My Love Story

My Love Story Let me tell you an incredible love story I'm so excited it's my story It's about someone who loves me very very much The love he has for me is limitless,totally unconditional and immeasureable I got to…

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The Substitutes

I want to share a true life story with you which happened some time last year. I’m sure you must have heard of the popular story of a man called Elijah who felt threatened by Jezebel and had to run for his dear life. His excuse to God was that he was all that was left of God’s prophets. I can imagine the shock in his face when God replied him; “there are 7,000 prophets who have not bowed to Baal”. This is probably one of the most challenging stories recorded in the Bible. It makes one realize that no man irrespective of his or her importance cannot be replaced. I have heard someone refer to this as having a ” better neighbor”. No man can claim to be the only one capable of doing something regardless of how big or small such a task is. This story actually happened to me.

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