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Turning The Pages: Steps To Begin Again After Adversity

Turning the Pages: Steps to Begin Again After Adversity

This is an intriguing topic because it touches everyone. At one point in everyone’s life, we’ve been beaten up and beaten down. We must pick ourselves up from the dust and move on. Many times we stay too long in the dust, and we don’t tend to see the way out or the need to get out of it. Is it because we are made from dust? Hahaha… just kidding. There are some steps to begin again after adversity.

It’s one thing to fail, and it’s another to accept failure. It’s one thing to accept failure, and it’s another to stay failed. I have been in these shoes and struggled to fight out of it. Trust me, I really struggled with it. Here are the steps I took to break out of it.

Step One: Come to Reality

When I failed the first time, I was bitter inside and kept crying for a long time, thinking and reminiscing about the failure. Yes, I failed. I had to accept this to move on.

Step Two: Dust Up

Do you want to stay on the ground, or do you want to step on solid ground? After all the bitter and crying times, you need to seek the next way out because you can’t remain there forever.

Step Three: The Healing

You have to totally heal from the last mistakes—totally. This can keep haunting you if you don’t heal from the pains. The scar is internal; it only rings in your mind, and you can only heal it with your mind and the help of keeping healthy friends and getting close to God, the great physician.

Step Four: Start All Over

At this step, put your books on the table and learn from past mistakes. Try not to make them again. A new strategy is required here.

Finally, believe in yourself. You can rewrite that story. It’s not over if the last page is full and dirty. Turn a new page. You can always start afresh. Take that step today, and you will be happy with yourself.

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