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Feeding The Mind; You Are What You Consume

Feeding the Mind; You are What You Consume

The Human mind is a mysterious weapon. Most times, our realities are conceived and formed in our minds, long before we begin to see the fruits. Our mind is alive, and like every living thing, this mind must feed to grow and increase.

Feeding the mind

If you are struggling with possessing a sound mind, it’s about time to check what your mind feeds on.

Every day we feed our minds with food, images, ideas, words, feelings, conversations, and advertisements from various sources. We feed our minds with unintentional things which we allow in and they change us in ways that shape our lives and we are not aware of them. 
Whatever we allow in our mind, has the capacity to affect our brains. If our mind feeds on healthy content, our brain gets developed and if our mind feeds on junk, our brain cells are killed one at a time.

Also, if you constantly find yourself repeating the same cycle of mistakes, or subjected to unhealthy emotions, then it’s about time to check what you have been feeding on.

Feeding the mind intentionally is a lot easier than we think.

Create a routine

The first step is creating a routine. Make a personal decision that not a single day will roll by without you doing something productive for as little as 10 minutes.

Here are a variety of activities to choose from.

Mediate on a Scripture

Don’t just hurriedly read through the Bible, pick a verse and meditate on it. Find out how you can apply it to your day-to-day activities.

Listen to a podcast

There are millions of podcasts to choose from, so it is important you chose the right one. A podcast that addresses your faith as a Christian, career path,  financial intelligence, or mental health is a good place to start.


If you enjoy reading, then try getting wholesome books, on a variety of topics, take notes, and apply lessons learned.

When you do these often enough, it becomes a habit. The more you make this a habit, the more ingrained it will become in your attitude toward your daily routine.
It might interest you to discover that being stuck in traffic may become your favorite part of the day as you listen to an empowering and enlightening podcast.

Bottom Line

All of these small changes will eventually add up in one big way. You will become more in control of your thoughts, more in command of your environment, and more conscious of the ways that you can elevate your life and find new opportunities for improvement.
From today onwards, make the decision to intentionally feed your mind with healthy and wholesome content. Doing this has the power to birth the transformation you desire.

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