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The Parent, The Teen And The Society (Maintaining The Balance)

The Parent, The Teen And The Society (Maintaining The Balance)

Post Series: Building The Foundation

The world is changing and everything inside it is evolving fast. So fast that we will need to catch up with it because whether we like it or not we are in the world and so we must live in it.

In biology, there are 7 characteristics of a human being and the last one is Adaptation which is an important aspect of life, we have to bend to new environments.

Trying to strike a balance between the old age and the new age, that is “our parents” and “the teens”, the new Society. Both parties need to have an understanding; for example, when I was younger my mother always condemned the use of the washing machine. She said it made me lazy. But now she prefers to use the washing machine to wash all our clothes because it saves more time and allows you to do other things. My grandma also believes that using the grinding stone to grind pepper is sweeter than using the blending machine to blend the pepper. Very funny right?

But things have changed and we will need to blend in with the new age.

Now how can I make my grandma understand that things have changed and that using grinding stones only sucks your energy and time? And how can I make my grandma understand that using the blender saves time and energy?  There needs to be a balance. This balance can only come by both parties understanding the ages and the evolution of time.

In this case, I need to make my grandma understand the advantages of working in the new age, that technology has come to make life much easier and a better place to live in, getting the same result while improving on the old ways.

Technology has come to stay and we need to teach our parents how to use the new technologies starting with Android phones, ATM machines and other gadgets. When they discover the advantages of these new technologies, they will accept them and be ready to use them. But if we don’t pass the message across to them in a polite way they could get angry and refuse to accept the new technology.

So this responsibility lies on the shoulder of the new generation. We have to pass the understanding through the best channel possible this way there will be no chaos because our parents value respect so much and they deserve it.

We cannot totally erase the knowledge of our parents you can always infuse it into the new generational knowledge and use it for a better society. After all the new technology is just a modification of the old knowledge, so these two can always work together to achieve the same purpose and goal. The channel of passing it is what matters the most and merging the two understandings together to make a better Society.

With this, the society will be a happy place to dwell and we can all smile and wave.

Thank you for reading.

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