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#31DaysWithTheAnchor – Day 13

#31DaysWithTheAnchor – Day 13

Topic: Trust Is All You Need


The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.

Exodus 14:14

In recent times, a whole lot of chaos and misfortune has befallen humanity. Men are letting go of the will to live, the chant of complaints is intensified daily, the minds of individuals are being messed with and there’s just so much that we can handle because life keeps happening. Hunger and thirst are real big deals that are causing some people to lose sight of hope, families are becoming dysfunctional, the enemy is on hot pursuit of our sanity and our lives. Each passing day we are treading the grounds of wilderness, we are getting overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and for the life of us, we wonder if help will ever come.

The children of Israel can tell this story better. They had the red Sea stare in their faces and the enemies right behind them with their multitude of chariots, they were obviously doomed but this is what God said to them- “I will fight for you, just put aside your anxiety, keep calm, hold your peace, trust me!”

And God didn’t leave them afterward, He never did anyway, He was with them through it all and He got the sea raging in their mind calm, He stayed put with them as they struggled and wrestled while sailing the sea of life and at the end, He gave them the victory.

He is saying the same to you right now- “I’m not leaving, I won’t forsake you, this battle is mine and I will fight it for you, so let go anxiety, of pressure, hold your peace, trust me!”

Today, I want you to know and confess and stand by this truth- God is the anchor of our lives that is unshakable, unmovable and steadfast. He is bringing to calm every raging storm in your mind, every stormy reality, every overwhelming pressure, just trust Him.

Listen, it won’t be easy but He is not going to leave you to struggle alone too and it’s going to be worth it. Cast all your cares on the anchor, trust Him, victory is yours!

You Are Never Alone…


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