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The Power Of Consistency – The Benefits

The Power of Consistency – The Benefits

Having established the power of consistency and its importance in our journey to the fulfilment of purpose, we will be continuing with discussing the benefits of consistency. What exactly do we gain by being consistent?


You cannot argue with a track record, can you? And a track record is only as good as its consistency. Who would you rather be your wedding “MC”? Someone who just does it once in a while just to keep himself busy whenever he gets idle or someone who does it every other Saturday? Often times, before we make up our minds on what we want, we try to trace its history. Before you decide on the smart phone or laptop you would get, you would ask around to get yourself familiar with the brands. Who has used what brands and what their experiences were. This will help in making your decision. The fact that you are good at something does not make you an automatic pick or choice when someone is looking for that particular thing. Often times what makes you stand out is your consistency.

The gift of a man may make a way for him, but only with diligence will he have his seat with kings and Princes.


Lots of people who are here today, and there tomorrow shift through life without being truly relevant. Relevance does not mean you are good; it means you are really good at something. It speaks a lot about your authority in a particular field. It is usually accompanied with respect. Your relevance shows how important you are to your community, to your generation. It relates to the degree of usefulness. Only consistency can give you that. If you asked me if I was useful to you and I said, Yes; the next question could be, “how can you be useful to me?”, Now imagine, I say, “I can be useful in any area you want me”. Well, for an average mind, that sounds okay. You have just got someone that can be anything you want him to be. This is the trap a lot of us fall in to. We are whatever people want us to be and we think that is “relevance”. You have only succeeded in reducing your value, your worth. It is not a bad idea to be “Jack of many trades”; as a matter of fact, I admire multitalented people. But you need to be what God has called you to be, not what any one wants you to be. It is good to be resourceful but it is better to be what you want to be known for. Only then can you be truly valuable and relevant.


Have you ever listened to someone speak for an hour without grasping what he or she is trying to say? How does that feel like? It is good to have a lot to say. I love talking with people but my goal has always been to make a difference in someone’s life in 5 minutes (I am nowhere near that yet). However, it is much for effective and productive to be intentional with your message. You help people understand you better that way. Your purpose is your life message. How well do people get or understand the message you are passing to them? Do they even get it at all? Stop confusing people with your life. Maybe if you understood that some people’s lives have been attached to you and you have a role to play in either making or destroying them, you may take the message you are passing more seriously. The lives attached to you are really important and you cannot afford leading them to confusion.

When a blind man leads another blind man, both will eventually end up in a ditch.


There is no better way to fulfil purpose than consistency.

We know in part, we prophesy in part…

When purpose is revealed, it does not come in a full, clear picture. Sometimes, it seems to be a puzzle. Only in consistency in working it out will the parts start becoming clear, fitting into themselves and the whole picture gets revealed at the end. The fact that you know why you are here does not mean you know everything about why you are here. There are missing pieces which can only be found in consistent working on that path that has been set for you.


Trust me, you get more creative when you are consistent with something. You will always find better, more interesting ways to do things. I am not a graphics designer but I do quite a number of designs (don’t blame me, necessity is laid on me). One of the biggest challenges I face with designs is “creativity”. Sometimes, I stare at my empty canva for a long period of time, not having any clue as to what to do. A lot of times, I just give up and close my laptop. But trust me, it is much better than it was about a year back when I did not know anything about graphics designs. There are times I create some designs and I smile at myself. Even if nobody praises me, well I know I did a great job on that. My Boss is an amazingly creative designer, he commended the designs on a particular page without knowing I did them. When I told him I did them, he told me I was improving. That feeling was priceless. I feel that also when someone makes a good comment about my writings – which might be once in like a week or two, but it is so much better than where I was some years back. The more consistent you are at something, the more creative you get.

The benefits of consistency are definitely not streamlined to those mentioned here. What consistency will bring to you in the long run is so much, sometimes you just need to wait to see. But it also comes with its difficulties. It may be hard at first, it will eventually pay off.

You Are Never Alone.


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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