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The Dialogue

The Dialogue

The Dialogue


I UNDERSTAND how difficult it must be for you to see me become less of what you use to know and who you expect me to become. I am truly sorry, I have no control of who I am becoming. I beg you to go back to our memory Lane and cherish every of our past.

I want you to know change is bound to happen, but what changes and how you handle it is in your hands. Be real, be you, be unique and don’t change to please anyone.

I understand if you feel we don’t deserve to relate on a mutual bases anymore. I UNDERSTAND!

There would be rough days and plain days coupled with radiant experiences of a lifetime.

Till we meet again


I understand that you have a role to play in your becoming…

You can’t sit back and watch yourself being unveiled behind your back. Buried in every moment of the past are traces of who you truly are. Rough and unattractive they may seem, we’ve got to identify them, bring out the best in them and reveal our true selves to the world.

I understand the rough patches, but there are not meant to be forever. There is beauty in every raw gold.


I understand that you feel betrayed by the people you least expect and it hurts deeper than you ever want to admit.

To be honest it hurts because you let yourself to be hurt, you expected too much from a mare imperfect human.

When dealing with people it’s always better to give a little bit of doubt the change to live and reproduce.

I understand you want someone that understands and know what you want and don’t want but I want you to dwell on yourself and create a better you.


I understand the pain and hurt that come with blind trust. I understand that you need to open your eyes to the reality of what to expect and what not to expect. But how much of people are we limited to seeing? We also need to accept that the past should not have a say in our future. We need to see that old things are passed away and all things are become new. Sometimes, we need to see beyond the normal human flaws and see the best in people. In this view, mistakes are expected, flaws are anticipated but you still choose to see the best.


I understand that mistakes are bound to happen but it’s how we learn from those mistakes that makes us better.

Dwelling on what happened and condemning one’s self assessment ain’t gonna make the mistake right instead it would make us loose self confident and there and then it begins to  eat into our emotional happiness.

Listen you have the key to your happiness


Yes we do have the key to our happiness. Our happiness lies with us, dependent on our actions, our response and ultimately how we view ourselves. You deserve happiness, you deserve the best. No one should make you think less of yourself. A beautiful being with a beautiful life, created in the image of the most beautiful Creator.


Happiness is divine. It’s a free gift that everyone is entitled to.

It can’t be bought with money but can be bought with attitude and character, your happiness lies in your hands.

Fight for it.

Understand yourself and work on what makes you happy

The End.


Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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