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Christian Healing (Video) – Troy Black

Christian Healing (Video) – Troy Black

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We’ve all got a lot of questions as regards Healing. We ask ourselves; I believe God can heal but does He want to heal me? Is He going to heal me? These questions are answered in this video by Troy Black.

A lot of times we do what we think we need to do in order to get healed and when we don’t, we get disappointed. We meet Pastors and Ministers to lay hands and nothing seems to happen and we jump into the conclusion that “maybe He doesn’t want to heal me”. Well… Does He?

According to Troy Black; “The reason the woman with the issue of blood was healed was because, after hearing of Jesus and His ability to heal, she was willing to get close to Jesus to receive her healing”.

You may be going through really tough times right now; it could be physical, spiritual, financial, and so on; GET CLOSE TO JESUS!

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