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The Boy-Girl Thingy

The Boy-Girl Thingy

Hey guys!!! This is a boy-girl thing, a guy-lady thing, a man-woman thing, either way, I am sure you are excited. Feel free to express your views. The “boy-girl” thingy is arguably one of the most complicated issues that could ever rise in the hearts and lives of men and women, guys and girls, even boys and girls. Relationships make up some of the most essential parts of us as humans. They can affect us positively or negatively.

A relationship literally means an association between two people or more, or between groups of people. It could also mean a romantic or sexual association between two people. It also refers to the way two or more people are connected. So you see that a relationship aint just all about sex or marriage, it is a major ingredient in your existence. It is an association that is capable of revealing your strengths and weaknesses alike.

I have a guy friend. We are not dating, but we have a very strong relationship. As a matter of fact, we have never spoken about dating, courting, talk less of the big one – “marriage”. There is a woman in my life with whom I have a relationship. Guess what? She is my mother. I have people around me that I can confide in; they are my pals. So you see, a relationship is not restricted to certain and specific ideas you might have filled your head with. However, in as much as not every relationship is towards marriage, no relationship should be taken for granted, leading to a “break-up”.

Considering my guy friend I mentioned earlier; we have built a form of closeness that if anything affects our friendship or relationship, it literally affects our individual lives; clashing with my mum also affects me emotionally.

This is what I am trying to say; “a tempered relationship of any kind goes a long way, farther than we see it actually go”. It sinks to the very core of our being and to some extent defines our identities and personalities. It might be hard to understand at first, but in the end “it speaks so loud, everyone can hear“.

Let us begin to see a new perspective in our relationships with people. A friend once said to me; “cherishing a relationship with a person does not make you a weakling, it strengthens your bones and spirit; it appears like you are a weakling at first, however the peace you find within is always reassuring. Our relationship with people is actually much more germane and complicated compared to the complexities in romantic relationships.

Why don’t you take a step back and ponder for a few minutes on what your relationship is like with people. Take note of some of the mistakes you have made and think of how to make them right especially in your present and future relationships. It wouldn’t hurt to talk about them as well; we all have made mistakes at one time or the other…

JesutobaWritten by; Oluwatoba


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