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He Did It Just For Us

He Did It Just For Us

He was led like a sheep to the slaughter
Nailed, beaten and killed just because of me
It couldn’t have been because of me
The least deserving.

His eyes burning with love
His heart beats like drums unexplainable
His voice still forgiving and compassionate
With His last breath, He gave life

Life gotten from death is too precious to be ignored
Exorcised from this world
Condemned by those He came to save
He lived in purity yet given the punishment of a thief and a murderer

A man who did so much good but His gift was a shameful death
All the elements of nature came to honor Him
The clouds gave way for His ascent
The ground shook at His death

And that was it
It was finished
It is finished
The pain, the shame, the hurt, all gone

All that was left was peace
This is why He is called the Prince of peace.
The King of all kings
The King of Israel

The Lord of all
The Lord of sinners
He did it all just for us
We cannot afford to fail Him yet again
He deserves better

The tomb is open,
The grave is empty
Now He is risen
Risen for us.

Jesus loves you
He died, rose up and is coming back just for us
He did unimaginable things just for us.
Just for me and you.


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