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The Price Of Leadership By Gbile Akanni {PDF}

The Price of Leadership By Gbile Akanni {PDF}

The Price of Leadership By Gbile Akanni {PDF}

The price of leadership by Gbile Akanni discusses the price which every one aspiring to be a great leader must pay before he or she attains that level of leadership.

As long as there exists dark spots of the flesh and egoistic individualism in your personality (which spots are
always the point of contention and disappointment in God’s work), God cannot release any tangible measure of His sacred trust into your hands. All such impurities of the flesh must be extracted. A blacksmith working on an iron tool must melt it severally in the furnace, to extract whatever is not cohesive with the original metal itself. He then soaks it in a liquid; to cause the metal to come together as a component (by contraction). He repeats this process several times to ensure flexibility and increase of the tensile strength of the metal.

A candidate for leadership must possess first and foremost a wholesomeness of life, symmetry of character and integrity. Integrity here has to do with a life that is every wit dependable, predictable and projectable. Integration is the sum (or sigma) of every tiny variable of life to make a continuum: an unbreaking, non-cracking, regular, cohesive and beautiful personality. Everything in him and about him is integral with what he says and does. Every segment of his life –be it his matrimony; or his secular life or sacred life; his playtime or business time is congruent with his overall outlook in life, and none is repulsive.

Your mindset of leadership will definitely be challenged after reading this great book by Gbile Akanni.

“If you really want to be a great leader, you’ve got to pay the price”.

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