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Self-Discovery: Unlocked Through Prayer

Self-Discovery: Unlocked Through Prayer

If there is one thing that is common to all mankind, it is the search for self. We all long to be connected to that one person that’s got us always – ourselves. It is also common to search for self in the wrong places and using unconventional methods. In this article, we will be talking about self discovery and how prayer aids this aspect of our growth.


What comes to your mind when you hear this word?

Self-discovery involves deeply understanding your core and using this awareness to become the best version of yourself. In addition, it comprises of the things that make you, YOU. Your personality, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, needs and wants, etc. It is basically you understanding why you act the way you do, why you react to certain things the way you do.
One of the most popular methods of self-discovery is introspection. Introspection is more like an investigative activity except that you are simultaneously the interrogated and interrogator. Honesty is key factor to a successful and productive introspection. You cannot lie to yourself in this process else you would be doing yourself and the people around you a disservice.


We have talked about prayer countless time on the blog and even expounded on its power. Prayer is communication, communion and intimacy. In order for you to have a solid relationship with God and surprisingly, with yourself, prayer is non-negotiable. Because of the vulnerable nature of prayer (an example can be found in Psalms 139:23-24), it affords the chance to be real.

Self-discovery and Prayer

As I have said at the beginning of this article, we need to redirect our search for self to the right source – GOD. He is our potter and has moulded us into beautiful works of art (Ephesians 2:10), we as the products of the works of His hands cannot decide what our potentials are. He alone is aware of the different ingredients He has mixed together to create a 7billion plus uniqueness (Jeremiah 1:5).
For comprehensive product knowledge—capabilities, limitations, and potential—you should consult the manufacturer; they have the most accurate insights. God, our Creator, should remain our ultimate source, even as self-help books and routines have their value and purpose.


Consistency in prayer helps to keep this truth in focus. By constantly staying connected to God, scriptures say that we are transformed into His image (2 Corinthians 3:18), which is our ultimate purpose.
So do a little practice after reading this article. Practice talking to God about yourself, ask Him to show you the things you can do, cannot do and may/may not be able to do as an individual that’s on earth to be a blessing. Deal?

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