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Identity – T.D Jakes {EBook}

So many people are intensely searching for purpose and meaning in life. Maybe this describes where you are right now.

Are you asking questions like, Why am I here? What have I been put on this planet to do? What is my destiny?

Here is the problem with how many people approach the question of purpose: many are looking outside of themselves for their purpose, destiny, or meaning in life. The very key to knowing your purpose is discovering and celebrating your personal identity.

When you know who you are, how you have been intricately designed by the Master Craftsman, and discover that you have been uniquely gifted to fulfill a divine calling, your eyes will cease wandering to and fro, ogling over the
clothes Sally has or dreaming about having Jimmy’s job or Mary’s husband or Bobby’s wife or Susan’s house or Joe’s
country club membership. To fulfill your purpose, you must first know and celebrate your identity!
In the age of social media, it seems like now, more than ever, we are bombarded with images that constantly tell us: “The grass is greener over here.” This is exactly why we want Sally’s clothes or Jimmy’s job.

What we don’t realize is:

Social media is like the “highlight reel,” often exposing us only to the best of someone’s life. You only see the
ups and are rarely exposed to the downs or the humdrum normalcy of everyday life. Every moment spent envying another person is a moment spent living
outside of your life purpose. God did not create you to be jealous of who someone else is or what they are doing; He created you uniquely to fulfill your destiny.

It’s time to stop longing for what other people have and give up trying to be anyone other than you. Remember, as long as you invest your time trying to be someone else, or pursuing what others have, you are not being the person God created you to be.

In the journey ahead, I give you permission to stop looking at others’ lives and quit longing for what they have. You are going to see from the example of one of the most powerful Old Testament prophets, Elisha, that your identity is not wrapped up in someone else—it’s distinctly yours!

In the pages of Identity, you will first become reintroduced to the God of purpose—to know and experience Him like never before. You will also learn how to seize the destiny-defining moments that will advance you further into fulfilling your purpose.

You will discover why it is so important to invest your time, resources, and energies into good soil that will ultimately
produce a harvest in your life; this is about finding your place of deposit!

Finally, you will receive a divine blueprint in the lives of Elijah and Elisha on how to step into the unique identity that God has crafted for you and discover your unrealized potential.

In the same way that Heaven had unique assignments for Elijah and Elisha, you have likewise been awarded a specific and strategic assignment that is absolutely exclusive to your life. No one else can fulfill it. No one else can carry it full term. No one else can steward and execute it quite like you. Others may try, but they will fail to grasp the glory that is reserved for you.

Discover who you are.
Celebrate your unique identity in Christ.
Fulfill your purpose and be the solution the world is waiting for.

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