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Build Real and Quality Friendships on Social Media

How to Build Real and Quality Friendships on Social Media

Social Media and Identity
1. The Dangers of Watching Others Live Their Lives on Social Media
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3. How to Build Real and Quality Friendships on Social Media

Friendship is God’s beautiful gift to us. And in creating man, God’s intention wasn’t for us to merely get along with each other, but to experience love and companionship.

Being joint-heirs with Christ is no joke, we are expected to love other heirs in this large kingdom, even though a couple of people might be difficult to build a relationship with.

Now bring Social Media into the mix, and you have an actual situation. It’s bad enough that people you see on a daily basis can be a handful. How much more virtual beings?

Seeing as everyone is living their best life… well, maybe a fake life on these apps.

So the real question is, how possible is it to build a real and quality friendship on social media?

Well, it is quite possible if I must say. There are tons of people who have been able to harness the positivity of social media, become intentional about their online personality while offering value and making an impact.

An important factor needed is open-mindedness. It could all begin from a WhatsApp group, like many of my friendship journeys, or a compliment on an Instagram post, a comment on Twitter or LinkedIn. However, it is important to keep in mind that it might not be so easy for the other party to settle into this newfound friendship as it was for you.

Next, discover similar interests and mutual grounds. While it might be easy to hang out physically with the direct opposite version of you, the same technique might not apply to a virtual relationship. It’s important to keep the conversation flowing, and having similar interests, would help resolve a lot of uncomfortable silence.

Finally, keep in mind that they are human, not robots and hence aren’t without flaws. It’s okay to have an argument, but it should never go unresolved.

Now with you making intentional efforts in building a relationship with your virtual friends, you might decide to up the game by making plans to meet! (keep in mind that both parties have to be ready for this).

I hope you make the most out of this article and build a strong, real and valuable online community.

You are never alone, not physically and especially not on social media.

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