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Useful Waste

A useful waste? Is that even possible? Can any good can come out of a dirt/waste? Doesn't it sound hysterical to say “a useful waste”? Of course it does, it even sounds dumb; more like an irony. However, looking it…

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Defining Moments

What moments in our lives define who we are? What moments define why we are here and how we relate to those in our lives? These are defining moments, which I define as: Those moments when a person comes face-to-face…

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Are You Deceiving Yourself?

In the third chapter of Genesis, everything changed for humanity. What happened in the lives of Adam and Eve radically changed everything that we face today in our own lives. The heads, the hearts, and the hands of our original…

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Survivors Series 2

Part 2.

Hello, and welcome back to I’m sorry for this late post. We started a very exciting series two weeks back, uncovering the stories and life lessons from people we refer to as survivors – people who came, saw and conquered despite the odds against them. Today, we will continue in this series by taking on a set of extraordinary people – “people who hoped against hope”. They are athletes who went on to be world champions despite conclusions that had been made concerning them. You will be intrigued.

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The Survivors Series

Part 1

Contemporary English defines Survivors as people that survive in spite of adversity. However, I believe this definition does not fully describe and appreciate these great men and women.

Survivors are conquerors, victors, overcomers, heroes, champions, everything that depicts winning despite the odds will do more justice in describing this group of people.

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