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Remember – Victoria Nwachukwu {EBook}

Remember By Victoria Nwachukwu {EBook}

I have started quite a number of books and stopped halfway, not far from the beginning and in some cases, not far from the end. But Remember came through.

Remember is for everyone who had a dream growing up but is finding it difficult living up to that dream.

Remember is for everyone who had high hopes and expectations but seems farther than closer right now and are becoming jittery over what the future will turn out to be.

“Truth is we have been in so much hurry because of time that we are losing track of where we are headed. We have our eyes fixed on time that it slips away right before our eyes and there is not much to show forth. Anxiety steals our peace and more mistakes than results are made. Just maybe you want out but I do hope you remember that you have come this far from where you started and if you would be precise in your memories, you would see that no one did tell you it would be easy but hey, it would be worth it if you keep up and make it to the end.”

Have fun reading.

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