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Survivors Series 2

Part 2.

Hello, and welcome back to I’m sorry for this late post. We started a very exciting series two weeks back, uncovering the stories and life lessons from people we refer to as survivors – people who came, saw and conquered despite the odds against them. Today, we will continue in this series by taking on a set of extraordinary people – “people who hoped against hope”. They are athletes who went on to be world champions despite conclusions that had been made concerning them. You will be intrigued.

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The Survivors Series

Part 1

Contemporary English defines Survivors as people that survive in spite of adversity. However, I believe this definition does not fully describe and appreciate these great men and women.

Survivors are conquerors, victors, overcomers, heroes, champions, everything that depicts winning despite the odds will do more justice in describing this group of people.

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The Substitutes

I want to share a true life story with you which happened some time last year. I’m sure you must have heard of the popular story of a man called Elijah who felt threatened by Jezebel and had to run for his dear life. His excuse to God was that he was all that was left of God’s prophets. I can imagine the shock in his face when God replied him; “there are 7,000 prophets who have not bowed to Baal”. This is probably one of the most challenging stories recorded in the Bible. It makes one realize that no man irrespective of his or her importance cannot be replaced. I have heard someone refer to this as having a ” better neighbor”. No man can claim to be the only one capable of doing something regardless of how big or small such a task is. This story actually happened to me.

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Hey friends, it’s been a while. Hope you missed me, because i did…

Today, i will be sharing a poem i stumbled on recently. i got it from a display picture and i fell in love with it. i am sure you will too.

It is titled; Don’t Quit!!!

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The Survivors

While watching the movie; “Soul Surfer”, I was inspired to write this poem, and begin a series where we learn from the great survivors of our time and times before now. This will lead to us finding hope no matter what we have faced or what we are going through… Someone has been where you are right now…

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Tears are caused and formed by our fears; fear of what you may ask; the fear of pain, the type of pain that punctures your heart like a needle. Even the mighty cannot hold back these elements of humanity when it hurts most. It shows how much of humans we really are; even Jesus let them out.

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The life-light blazed out of darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.

The whole earth is wrapped in darkness, all earth sunk in deep darkness.

Nations will come to your light, kings to your sunburst brightness.

Here is another way to put it: You are here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. Do you put a light-bearer under a bucket? You have been put on a light-stand and you are right there on the hilltop–Shine!

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