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The Risk Of Trusting

The Risk Of Trusting

Can we really quit the bravery of self-sufficiency, the mastery of foolishness and let the one who knows how to, take over?

Well, it’s our life as we like to say and we live it as we please but experience teaches us that no man really knows.

You do not have to receive life’s blows before you learn. You do not have to get to the end of nowhere, you do not have to crash or suffer an accident before you hand over the wheel.
But when you see that man or woman who bears their mistakes on their skin, who wears their scars with a message from their experience, do not disregard them. Because their brokenness are tattoos of pain that has participated in the process of making them and every scar has thought them the hard way to trust. So whatever process you hope to or eventually take, you’ll still come to trust.

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Trust isn’t as easy because it means letting go of your understanding on how to. It means believing even when you do not understand.

Trust is letting go of the wheel- surrendering control. Trust is staying put even when the direction you think is right is changed.

Trust is a risk and trusting Jesus is the best risk anyone can ever take. Because we have the assurance in the confidence of his promises to lead us aright, making everything work together for our good and never putting us to shame.

Joseph stayed with the Lord and there were a whole lot of rerouting- things became hazy, uncertain, grim but only the Lord knew the right part to His throne.

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“Not my will but your will be done” Jesus surrendered.

The shame was shameful. The humiliation was awful. The crown of thorns were ruthlessly piercing. The mockery was great. The stripes were ripping. The cross bore creation’s guilt, shame and sin (the heaviest thing ever existed) but trust in love took Jesus down that path and the devil’s success was part of redemption plan.

“Not my will but yours be done
Cos you know best
I surrender my will
Take the wheel Jesus
Take me
Break me
Mould me
Make me
I trust you! ”

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