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The Survivors Series

Part 1

Contemporary English defines Survivors as people that survive in spite of adversity. However, I believe this definition does not fully describe and appreciate these great men and women.

Survivors are conquerors, victors, overcomers, heroes, champions, everything that depicts winning despite the odds will do more justice in describing this group of people.

In this series, we will be learning from the stories of true life survivors; what pushed them into fighting despite the odds and spurred them to win. The purpose of this series is to take a cue from them thereby challenging ourselves that we can overcome and be victorious no matter the adversity, no matter the stack of odds against us, no matter how small or ill-equipped we may seem.

Like the song writer says;

“We shall overcome

We shall overcome

We shall overcome someday

Oh deep in my heart, I do believe

We shall overcome someday.”

Well, shall we begin???

There is no better person to start this series than the greatest man that ever lived on the surface of the earth. He lived over two thousand years ago and did not live for more than 33 1/2 but His name is still on the lips of the millions of people today. In those seeming short years, He achieved what no human could ever achieve. His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His birth was precarious, He was afforded no chance to live, He was born in a manger where Horses are kept because, there was no room for His mother, Mary to put to bed. This will not be the end of it though, as His life was sought after by the King of the land because the King heard that this young chap would be a greater King.

He grew up in perhaps one of the most humbling backgrounds; His father was a carpenter and little if anything at all was expected from this young chap. However, while growing and developing into a man, He identified what He was on earth for and started preparing Himself. Little was said about His first 30 years on earth, but we do know that at the age of 12, He went with His parents to the synagogue where He was found with teachers, professors and doctors, asking questions. This gives us a template to how He spent His first 30 years.

At age 30, filled with power from on high, He started His ministry (assignment); preaching, teaching and healing. Multitudes were blessed by this Man’s ministry. Unbelievable miracles never seen before were performed by this great man. He became so famous that He became a threat to many and yet again, His life was in danger.

He faced rejection from His own people, baseless accusations were made against Him by people who were desperate to see Him dead. This would have been too much for many people. However, this did not stop Him from teaching, encouraging, giving hope, healing, feeding and so on. In spite of the adversaries that surrounded Him, He seemed unperturbed and kept on doing what He was called for. Eventually, He was taken, put in prison, beaten to a bloody state, forced to carry a cross that would be a heavy burden even for a man with much strength in his bones.

Despite all He had done, they wanted Him dead; not just dead but put through the most painful death at that time, the kind of death that was meant for criminals and murderers, they wanted Him crucified.

For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin;

that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”

Apostle Paul.

After all said and done, He was crucified, nailed to the cross and there He said; “It is finished”. They thought that would be all, but what they did not realize was that this was why He actually came to earth in the first place – to die for us. He that was dead and buried did what no man had ever done; He defeated death, the devil and hell and rose up on the third day. In doing this, He gave the greatest gift package ever known to mankind – SALVATION, any man who receives this gift will live forever. This was the greatest display of love ever recorded in human history. He did not just survive, He overcame, conquered and gave us victory, grace, divine health, life, prosperity, wisdom and much more in that awesome package called SALVATION. He did all these just for YOU. He is the greatest champion of all.

What would you do if you paid a huge price for a gift and the person you bought it for refuses to appreciate you and accept the gift?

Well, this is how He feels when you refuse to appreciate what He did for you and reject the gift He paid for with His life. Make a decision today to accept this precious gift. Say these words from your heart;

“Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for me

Thank you for paying the price I could not pay

Thank you for this great gift of salvation

I accept you as my Lord and personal Savior

I receive your gift of salvation

Come into my heart and reign in all I do

Thank you because I am born again

I have been redeemed

Hallelujah, I am saved.”

By saying these powerful words of prayer, you have accepted the giver (Jesus) and the gift (Salvation). Locate any bible believing church close to you and fellowship with them, constantly study God’s word and your life will never remain the same again. God bless you.

Watch out for the next part of this series next week Wednesday. Don’t miss it.

Every man has a purpose in life. Ours is to help people discover, rediscover and fulfill their purpose. We believe that the young generation are the building blocks and foundation of the next new thing the world is about to experience.

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